Our Stories

Shannon Goff

Bridgeville, PA
"The owners don't give a crap about us. They want us to promote the business and make them money but when it comes to hard times like this, they don't care. Not one pay check or even a gift card for any of us employees or a phone call. It's extremely hard for us to make rent out food on the table or even get prescriptions. Sucks having to ask for help when we're all are suffering. Thank God there's people like ROC United that cares about us. CEO's need to give up some of that money and do a nice donation for us employees."

Nichole Sullivan

Chesapeake, VA
"I’ve been at Applebee’s since 2015 full-time. This company has done NOTHING for me."

Rick Marshall

Van Nuys, CA
"My restaurant closed on 3/15/2020 due to concerns about the virus. My income went from about $750 a week to zero in the blink of an eye. I am my sole supporter. My rent is $1500 and there is no way I can pay that and my health insurance and medicines and food. I will be in the street. I had $750 saved toward my April rent when this happened. I am going to have to dip into that to eat. I pray that help will arrive so that I can stay in my home."

Sebastian Miller

Orlando, FL
"I was an Applebee's employee for six years. I was subjected to being clocked out while I was working, bullied by my managers & cooks, and having discriminatory things said to me about my race & religion. Employees can't even approach their manager without hearing them scream and blame the employee over it. This company is doomed for failure because they put money over everything and are the epitome of corporate greed."

Elizabeth Teal

Petersburg, FL
"I have worked for Applebee's for 15 years. I finally became a manager after waiting until i was older and ready for the position. Then, this pandemic hit and i was given these options: 1) Quit or 2) Be demoted and do carside with a massive paycut. I am supposed to be an essential worker but I get demoted and take a pay cut. I'm helping to keep their business running and their pockets full while my bills rack up."

Elii Norals

Mesa, AZ
"Before all of this happened, I had goals I had planned to save money for a car. I had a trip planned for out of state that is also not happening. I’ve never felt so broke before. It’s been a pain to get on food stamps and unemployment to try and keep this house hold sane. COVID-19 has brought lots of trouble and is making it a lot harder for me being a server just trying to survive."

Tiffany Rivers

Oklahoma City, OK
"I work for IHOP and being out of work these last six and a half weeks have been super hard and stressful! Having no income really hurts, especially when bills are racking up. Even after all this is done, we still have to pay but with what? Please end this and let us go back to work."

Keri Jordan

Excelsior Springs, MO
"When we first got the news that our store was shutting down for COVID-19, there were so many things running through my mind. Like how will bills get paid, how we would survive, and how long will we be out of work? Those were the questions that I stressed over. Hoping and praying we will be back safe and healthy and well rested."

MJ Smith

Milton, FL
"Went in to pick up my check on March 20th. Boss says, 'So I will see you tomorrow, correct?' Of course I said yes. Go to work the next morning only to find out that we are closed. No one contacted me. Haven't heard a peep out of management since then. I am having to rely on local food drives for food, and that's if i am even able to procure some of it before it is depleted. IHOP corporate won't return my calls or emails. They have just deserted the people that made them what they are."

Maria Rios

San Fernando, CA
"Since March 3rd, I have been unemployed from my job and it is so hard to survive in this pandemic, bring food to our tables, and the essential stuff."

Christina Dodson

Stockbridge, GA
"I've been a waitress at IHOP for over 2 years. I was taken out of work 2 weeks before my store closed down. Dr orders due to systems related to the virus. I have been out of work little over 2 months now still waiting on unemployment and my stimulus check. I have 3 kids and haven't been able to pay any bills."

Joy Phothirath

Tampa, FL
"I recently lost my job due to COVID-19 and I am a single mother that takes care of her 17-year-old son who is about to graduate this year which he will not be able to walk down the aisle like everybody else. I also take care of my 66 year-old mother who has medical problems, I work as much as I can at Applebee's to make ends meet. Before this pandemic, I was still struggling but now it’s come to even worse circumstances."

Miranda Fitzgerald

Gainesville, FL
"I moved to Florida in December 2019 looking for a fresh start after leaving an abusive relationship. I couldn’t have been more excited when I was hired by Applebee’s; it meant I had a chance at a new life. Since I’ve been laid off, I had to leave the room I was renting and now I am looking for somewhere new to stay. Everything I had planned has been ruined and I really don’t know what to do now. I desperately need a car but I’m being turned down for financing because I am unemployed. Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this!"

Laurel Brown

Cincinnati, OH
"I lost the place I was living at because I couldn't pay rent. I am currently crashing on a friend's couch with my dog. I have never been in this position and I feel like I am just in the way. I've been trying to get unemployment now for 5 weeks and still nothing. I still haven't received the stimulus check and at this point, I feel like I'm not going to. I'm even applying for any job out there right now. I'm struggling hard. And I am scared."

MIchelle Swenson

Plainfield, IL
"Before the shutdown, I was working nearly 60 hours a week, 35-40 of which were management shifts, and the additional 15-20 were bar and serving shifts. When the shutdown started I was given hours, approximately 20, to work to-go. I was not allowed to work any of those shifts because I am an hourly employee. All hourly positions were cut and the restaurant was ran by salaried managers. Now the restaurant is completely shut down. I am completely out of a job, and have no job security. I am struggling to pay bills and supply groceries for my family."

Lynnette Bradley

Ypsilanti, MI
"I have for 4 children who need food and supplies. We actually were living in a hotel and the hotel put us out after I was forced not to come to work by the government and now my children and I are suffering living place to place. If we are a family and we share core values, then why can’t you stand by your team that hasn’t deserted you and always came when you needed? Now we need your help, help us survive."

Sheyla Horner

Paducah, KY
"I am a single mother of two with no support at all. I was in no way prepared to wake up one morning and not be able to work anymore. I am the soul provider for my kids and need some help. I’ve been an employee for Applebee’s for 14 months and I have always worked my butt off in my restaurant. I’ve put all my energy and soul and heart into my work. It breaks my heart that during this pandemic my employers aren’t anywhere to be found to even see if we are okay. I am begging you to help."

Stephen Sears

Palm Harbor, FL
"I was laid off with not sick pay or relief fund of my only job of five years. I was supposed to move into a house and haven't been able to because of the COVID-19. I haven't received any help from Applebee's since they laid us off."

Todd Danylin

Satellite Beach, FL
"Out of work due to the coronavirus... my wife and I are both servers and have no income... I also have C.O.P.D."

Whitney Bonham

Enid, OK
"I have been without work since March 21st and filed for unemployment, come to find out Applebee's gave them all the wrong information on my wages so now I have to wait even longer to get any unemployment. Very frustrating and very disappointing especially when you've worked for them for 15 years."

Anna Vaughan

Okeechobee, FL
"I am an employee of the Applebee's in Okeechobee, Florida. I work two positions: I am a hostess and I also work carside to-go. We have all been laid off until further notice due to the COVID-19 without any pay/income. I'm not getting any income, so I can't pay bills or anything. It's effecting me and all the other employees BIG time."

Shelli Cadalzo

Cape Coral, FL
"Currently have $800 on my card, however food, rent, electricity, and water bill will come to $2,100."

Jorge Lemuz

Canyon Country, CA
"Since the pandemic started, they depended on me from my two jobs and I have to pay my rent and bills. Really bad because my son (2 years old), my daughter (7 years old), and my wife depend on me. I worked at two IHOP restaurants as a server to provide a better future for my family."

Shawn Chriest

Eagle River, AK
"We are seniors with little cash reserved and I require therapy that I pay out of pocket! I have suspended my therapy and we are struggling to make our house payment!"

Melissa Dispigno

Leland, NC
"I have been laid off due to the virus. I have no income and unemployment hasn't even kicked in. It's been aver 3 weeks. I'm behind in rent and utilities.. I really wish Applebee's would help their delicate employees more."

Enrique Altamirano

Long Island City, NY
"I’ve been let go from three jobs, my roommate has moved out and I’ve been unable to find a new roommate during the pandemic. I’m not going to be able to afford my rent or utilities. I’ve filed for unemployment but that is going to be my only means of income."

Tanya Oliver

Ash, NC
"I've been a server for 25+years and we cannot take a hit like this."

Adriana Moreno

Laredo, TX
"I am an IHOP worker. Besides the headaches due to all the stress and anxiety being without any tips (I am a server we depend on that more than my paycheck), I’ve had my phone disconnected, still haven’t been able to file my unemployment application, and no one has answered my call at unemployment offices. Meanwhile 3 weeks have passed and no financial income for this household! I have barely any necessities like soap, toilet paper, etc. Every time there’s donation stations, they run out since there’s so many people in need."

Shana Heise

Las Vegas, NV
"I am a restaurant worker and understand how no support during this time when we work holidays, miss family gatherings, and put special occasions on hold to make the company money. We are on the front lines. We are also the ones who keep guests coming back and get the managers bonuses. The least we could have is to be backed up in horrible hard times. I have no income and unemployment is such a mess I still haven't received it and have been working since I was 16. If we are a team, why don't you have our backs in hard times as well?"

Leslie Daniels

New Orleans, LA
"Due to COVID-19, I have found myself laid off. As a new resident of New Orleans, with only a short employment history, and no longer a resident of Hawai'i, although I have applied for unemployment in both states, I am worried that I will fall through the cracks. Currently I have no income at all and won't for at least the next month. I also fall into one of the vulnerable categories due to my age."

Ashley Algarin Lopez

Winter Park, FL
"I'm an IHOP employee and I lost my job. Wasn’t even considered as an employee for takeouts and or deliveries and I got no pay and it has led to termination for only unemployment which I still can’t get."

Alexus White

Winston Salem, NC
"It's been awful! Having to depend on a $94 check a week from unemployment and it's very hard."

Marco Rodea

San Jose, CA
"I could face eviction if I can't pay the upcoming rent of May. I share an apartment with my sister and her two kids. She is a single mom, and her working hoirs have been cut half. I don't have an income since restaurants closed down, if I default in my portion of the rent- 70% of the total amount-, Im not only be the one losing a home, but my sister and her two kids could be expelled too."

Oscar Rivera

Anaheim, CA
"I worked in IHOP Restaurant. I can't pay all the rent for the next month. I can't pay my bills."

Noah Glinsman

Loveland, CO

Terra Atkins

Collinsville, OK
"I am not am employee of Applebee's or IHOP, but I have been a hard working, loyal employee of Logan's Roadhouse for almost 3 years. We were told it was only for two weeks when we completely shut down on March 18th. Then on April 1, an email as sent out letting us know that we are all fired. All 18,000 of us! I am the sole provider for a 2 year-old granddaughter and a mother with dementia. I make $2.13 an hour in this state and was one of their best employees. I have been left in a position where I am scared that I can't provide for my household when their very lives depend on me to do so."

Becky Shady

Toms River, NJ
"The major issue is lack of money to support my daughter... myself being a server and her father also is out of work being a cook from a different diner. Also the owner of my diner is in Boston and will not distribute our last checks."

Carmelle Hinkle

Mesa, AZ
"AZ restaurants close dine in service tonight. My sole income is as a server. I have no savings or education. I have numerous health conditions and no health insurance. Medications are expensive. Rent is around there corner. I don't know where the money will come from. I live with 2 roommates who didn't prepare at all. One is unemployed and the other is in the restaurant industry."

Crystle Anderson

Lake City, FL
"I have absolutely no income coming in because I tried to file for unemployment and my neighbor told me I was unavailable because the IHOP that I work at just opened up February 3rd, 2020."

Heather Lovings

Ann Arbor, MI
"Not employed by Applebee's but I used to be years ago... this is awful! Shame on them!!"

Heather Miranda

Newark, DE
"I am unable to work because of COVID-19 and I still haven't gotten any unemployment benefits."

Heather Rakowski

Columbia Station, OH
""Applebee’s employee of 7 years. I started full time and been part time for a couple of years now. I have been denied unemployment because apparently I do not make enough to qualify. I literally have no income coming in at all."

Jamie Hall

Lima, OH
"I have no income what so ever still waiting on unemployment. I am responsible for all finances in my home.'

Jasmine Collins

Raleigh, NC
"It’s hard out here when you WERE server, and everything crashes around you and you are stuck. I got put out my place without a month notice. I’m staying in a hotel. Bills are due still. We work so hard for our company, came in on our off days and when everything crashes we were not shown how appreciated we are. You give your all for a job that doesn’t even blink your way to help. Not IHOP. It’s bad enough servers don’t get paid about $2 a hour."

Jay Simons

Paris, TX
"Yes I'm a cook at the Paris texas store this covid19 has left me with no job or income I have a family to provide for I'm on the edge of losing everything I've worked so hard for my store is one of applebess top stores and we just got dumped to the side while the managers still work I got bills and a family to plz take better care of your employees."

Jennifer King

Jacksonville, FL
"Yes an Applebees, one that is a franchise. I have lost my place to live . i have no money to wash clothes to eat, nothing. I feel weak and lost. I hope this is over soon."

Jessica Salm

Sarasota, FL
"My Work is closed due to Corona virus. Almost every business in Miami-Dade and Broward counties in FL are closed! I Cannot pay Bill's without income OR provide myself with food due to hysteria over groceries. PLEASE HELP!"

Jocelyn McCall

Summerville, SC
"Currently, my bills are far behind. I just moved before the shutdown and I'm not sure how to pay my rent. No amount of free food from Applebee's will pay my bills!"

Jurate Navickas

Saint Petersburg, FL
"All employees got laid off due to COVID-19. I have a 64 year-old realtor husband with no income and 15 year-old daughter. I have $0 income right now, please help."

Kaitlyn Bailey

Columbiana, OH
"I work at Applebee's. This has affected me because I have 3 kids. I don't have any kind of income, I barely have any food in the house. I'm still waiting for unemployment and don't know how much longer. It's really stressing me out... there's things I need and I can't get idk what to do at this point I'm really struggling."

Kayla Harper

Houston, TX
"I have never been in debt and I'm accumulating months worth of bills that are still gonna be due, all together, whenever I do get working again. I have been out of work for 3 weeks now. All the "resources" out there are either on hold or backlogged because of mass applications. I can promise that if you ignore these workers durning this hard time, they will quit and you as a company will lose."

Michael Holton

Tampa, FL
"My restaurant has been temporarily closed due to coronavirus, it’s a small restaurant and we don’t receive any sick pay."

Reyanne George

Hackettstown, NJ
"Work as full time server. No hours due to no work. I'm a full time student with an apartment and have no income."

Kristy Ponder

San Angelo, TX
"I work at Applebee's. This has affected me because I have 3 kids. I don't have any kind of income, I barely have any food in the house. I'm still waiting for unemployment and don't know how much longer. It's really stressing me out... there's things I need and I can't get idk what to do at this point I'm really struggling."

Lacey Wallner

Fargo, ND
"Yes, I work at IHOP as a server. They currently only have the salary paid working."

Mayra Paola Valenzuela

San Jose, CA
"It is severe. I lost my job and my only resource of income."